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Are you looking for a new designer, but are not sure where to go?
Been with the same designer for a few years? They use so much jargon you haven’t a clue what they are talking about? They never ask you about the future of your business? It may be time to consider going elsewhere.

Here’s a few things your designer should be doing to help improve your business:
Explaining design jargon in plain English, so you understand the design process.
Taking time to get to know you and your business, making it their business to help you achieve your business goals through regular communication.
Have a clear pricing plan, so you are not surprised by any hidden extras
Polska Design provides a fresh approach to design. Take a look at the packages section to see how I could add value to your business.

What you can expect when you choose Polska Design:
Clear Communication – No design jargon. I’ll explain anything you are unclear about and answer any questions you may have.

Clear Pricing – No hidden extras and low overheads which means you pay less than you would an agency

Years of Experience – I understand how to showcase the personality of your business to help it succeed.

Personal one-to-one service – I will be your point of contact at all times avoiding any communication delays that might occur with larger companies.